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BrilliantDEVs Web Agency

We are a team of professional web consultants experienced in working with small and medium sized companies. In the last 10 years, we came to the conclusion that web projects under 5 thousand dollars are usually a waste of money since there is not enough budget to hire all the specialists needed to build a successful online business. So, here is how BrilliantDEVs was born.
BrilliantDEVs is a web development agency which not only builds your website, but helps you start up or give a fresh restart to your online business.

What makes us different?



Meet our Team



Project Manager

Project Manager and the mastermind behind every website that we build. With past experience in working for companies like Endava and Thales, he organises every project in detail using the latest project management techniques so we make sure you get your website in time at the highest quality possible.


Managing Partner

Young serial entrepreneur, Managing Partner at BrilliantDEVs with over 10 years of experience in online businesses, Bogdan is a man of the people who will guide you through the entire process of transforming your website into a money making machine


Creative Director

With over 5 years of experience in working with popular brands from around the world, Luke is the human talent of our team. He is the designer who brings the beauty in each and every project that we are working on. He comes with fresh ideas that will make your website look stunning and benefit from the best customer experience you can ever imagine.


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